RJ Speed 7″ Wheelie Bar Kit

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Keep your tires on the ground where they should be!

The RJ Speed 7″ wheelie bar is easy to put together and install. ┬áBy keeping your front end down, this wheelie bar will greatly assist keeping your dragster going arrow straight down the track!

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Additional information

Dimensions 7 x 3 in

* Fiber glass construction
* Black in color
* Fits RJ Speed Electric and Nitro Drag Cars


One Wheelie Bar Kit:
* One 3.12mm x 26.8mm Shaft
* One Roller
* One wheelie bar
* Two e-clips
* Two chrome collars
* Two 1.6mm spacers
* Two 2.5mm spacers
* Two 2.8mm x 7.5mm button head screws
* 2.8mm x 10.4mm button head screws
* Instruction sheet


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